Buck's Rock - 2005

Here they are....pictures from the summer of 2005 at Buck's Rock...the summer of Dusty Springfield, Shedfan, peeing in the street, head lice, heros, and Ernie the Rat.... Feel free to email me comments, etc. If you'd like higher resolution versions of any of them emailed to you that can be arranged. I also have a few more pictures that I did not post, particularly from the shows. So if you're looking for anything in particular, such as all the pictures I have with you in them, I might be willing to look through them and email you those too.

*Addendum as of 8/27/05....
It occurred to me that a lot of people are posting their pictures on line these days. Wouldn't it be great if there was one central place that had a link to everyone's sites where their pictures were posted? Well, I am volunteering to be that central site. Now I just need everyone to send me the links to where your pictures are so I can add it. So, send me your links, and encourage your friends to send theirs too. Email them to jeffgreenberg@nyc.rr.com I will add them all at the bottom of this page.


Staff Party - At the beginning of staff orientation week (a few days before the campers arrive) we have a staff party at the Holiday. There is much dancing and consumption, and karaoke at this party. Here are a few memories from that night.
  • Alex and Luke
  • Eloise and Ben
  • Alana
  • Yali
  • Eloise, Erica, and Sara
  • Wendy, Emma, and Bev
  • Lauren and Bethany choosing a karaoke song
  • Brian and Christina
  • the Dance staff with Sarah
  • Rick and Erica
  • Amanda having a good time
  • Justin and a bunch of other people dancing
  • Becky and Kerry dancing
  • a group of people having fun on the dance floor
  • Christina getting into the karaoke
  • Leigh
  • Libby
  • Sarah and Anna
  • Lauren and Sarah

    Team Building - Another thing that happens before the campers arrive is a fun day of staff team building. This year everyone was divided into teams and had to create an offering to to the God Bulovus. The team that had the best offering won some insignificant prize. Here are some of the highlights of the offerings from that day.
  • Brian singing a song as part of a ritual
  • Sarah carrying their offering toward the God
  • The God Bulovus awaiting his offerings
  • The pink team offering the God a sacrificial virgin (Eloise)
  • Now they're carrying their virgin back to the stage for the sacrifice
  • Tom carrying a sacrificial skeleton to the God
  • Alex and Chris carrying their sacrificial virgin (Natalie) to the God
  • The clowns perform a violent ritual in which they destroyed an effigy of an evil God. Is that Becky with a field hockey stick, and Sara in a shopping cart?

    Amy's Pictures - Finally the campers arrived so we were allowed to stop sacrificing each other to a foam rubber mascot. I was away in Cape Cod for 10 days at the beginning of first session and therefore didn't get many pictures. Luckily, our beloved CIT Amy, gave me these pictures that she took.
  • first night of camp. Mickey's spectacular entrance - courtesy of LSD
  • There's that beloved CIT Amy herself
  • Amy and Mike in their evil clown costumes for The Actor's Nightmare
  • Ben
  • Anya, Jack, and 2 people I can't name before Actor's Nightmare
  • This kid
  • Brian directing
  • Melody in a trash can
  • Dan in a trash can
  • Dan and Mimi relaxing
  • Charlotte
  • Anna, Libby, and Ingrid in weaving on somebody's birthday
  • Zach, Carly, and Mimi decorating Dan
  • Nick, and Carly holding Dan down
  • more Dan decorations
  • a group of people on the memorial

    Random times - Finally I returned from Cape Cod and started taking pictures. Here are a bunch of random shots, in no particular order, that don't fit into any other category other than people hanging out, working and doing normal camp things
  • Mike showing Emily his pictures
  • Amy. YAY!
  • Dan and Amy - 2 of of our wonderful CIT's
  • K
  • Emily running sound for Actor's Nightmare
  • Noah running the light board
  • K working on the scaffolding
  • Amy and Dan in costume for Actor's nightmare
  • Amy posing as an evil clown
  • Amy dead on Bastille Day
  • K, Ryan, Zach, Noah, and Emily - some LSD regulars hanging out in our shop
  • Vita, another LSD regular, hanging out in our shop
  • Emilie, Justin, David, Vita, and Zoey hanging out in the shop....wait a minute...David???
  • Hey, that is David....what's he doing in my shop?
  • Emily, Me, Anna, Gayle, Noah, and Justin in the shop on changeover day
  • Jessie and Ali sorting gel at a strike
  • Anna protecting the light board
  • Sam trying to get an interview while Anna protects the board
  • Gayle working on her print exchange
  • our 3 CIT's as zombies
  • Amy and Zoey, the lighting CIT's as zombies
  • Anna and Zach
  • Sarah
  • Emilie
  • A Group of people receiving instructions at a strike in Actor's Studio
  • Amy, Vita, and Noah at a strike
  • David, Gayle, Anna, Amy, Mike and Alex at a strike
  • Mike
  • Alana
  • Ryan running sound
  • Alex and a few others before Urinetown
  • Amy happily listening to the footloose soundtrack
  • Mike smoking gel?
  • Rachael and Naomi
  • Max, Justin, and Alex on the porch
  • Mike, Justin, and Gayle looking at something on the computer
  • Me, Amy, Emilie, and Carly in the shop...did we finally manage to get internet?
  • Kerry walking past our window
  • Sam and Annalise working
  • Amy listening to Footloose, while Justin is hard at work
  • Mike has the unique ability to stand a piece of gel on end in his hair

    Any Given Saturday - mmmm, burgers
  • JR and Adam enjoying burgers on the lawn
  • Amanda and Louis enjoying burgers on the lawn
  • Amy enjoying burgers on the lawn
  • Emilie enjoying burgers on the lawn
  • LSD and Set people enjoying burgers on the lawn
  • Malorie enjoyed her burgers on the lawn

    Urinetown - The first session musical
  • Hope tied up in the secret hideout
  • Bobby and Hope
  • Cladwell and his associates
  • Bobby (Sam) singing
  • Emily writing cues for the show while Gayle looks on
  • Johnny outside in costume before the show
  • Jordy before the show
  • Phoebe and Susanna before the show.
  • Sam and Amy before the show
  • Ethan before the show
  • Norma and Sam before the show
  • Paris La Rock before the show
  • Paris and Norma before the show
  • Leigh and Gayle before the show.
  • The cast posing before the show

    Baseball Trip - One day after tearing my calf muscle, I stupidly decided to go on the trip to the minor league baseball game despite the fact that I was on crutches. On the way out, Mike and I each bought a pair of Thunder Stix (extremely annoying noisemakers) for use on the bus ride back to camp.
  • Susan on the bus
  • Emma and Susan on the bus
  • Emma giving it to Scott
  • Sam wandering around by himself at the game, despite the rule that campers had to stay in groups of at least 4 at all times.
  • Emma's favorite sign we passed on the way to the game
  • The New Britain Rock Cats' M.C. Lucky

    One Strange Night - Late one particular strange night in our shop, I was sitting there icing my injured leg when Bethany, Alana, and Dana showed up. They performed a German disco for us.
  • Bethany, Dana, and Alana in the middle of a dance move
  • Another move
  • Yet another move
    Soon, Amanda showed up, found the Thunder Stix, and began to play....
  • Bethany and Amanda sword fighting
  • more fighting with their new found "swords"
  • They just couldn't get enough of those things
  • Apparently, neither could Dana...
  • Once they all realized that these pictures would end up on the internet, as my pictures always do, Justin and Dana used the Thunder Stix to tell me what they thought of that

    Rock Cafe 2 - a fun night
  • Carly and Dan
  • Emilie running the light board
  • Emilie, K, Noah, and Alex at the light board
  • Rachel, Sam, and Kathy
  • Sarah and Phoebe
  • Stuart watching the bands
  • Sierra
  • Annalise, Sam, and Mike by the sound console
  • Becky contemplating the night
  • clowns and a tree
  • Alex running the light board
  • Brian and Anthony
  • Amy and Dan, our twin CIT's
  • big George
  • Steve-o, Amy, and Carly
  • David and David
  • K
  • Alex and the band
  • Susan hanging out
  • Kerry Dancing
  • Mickey and the band and people dancing
  • a bunch of people dancing
  • Emilie and Noah at the board, with K looking on
  • K getting Emilie's attention
  • Emma and Mike looking on
  • So, this is what happens when you let the campers have full artistic freedom with access to free gobo samples

    Saturday night bowling league - As everyone knows, the staff competes in a bowling league which meets each Saturday night. Due to our theatre schedule, the LSD crew is only able attend once or twice per summer. These are pictures from the week before festival, when we bowled many many frames...
  • Anna Strasser and a few others
  • Christina, Patsy, Leanne, and Stephanie doing karaoke
  • Of course their karaoke included choreography
  • Amanda outside the bowling alley
  • Dana Wickens outside....she had a little trouble getting into the bowling alley...not sure why, perhaps her high score doesn't qualify for league play?
  • Brian Caplan and Alexis Schuster taking a break between frames
  • Lauren King and Scott Kraiterman doing karaoke
  • Calley and Kylie...hey that almost rhymes
  • Kitchen staff?
  • This is a typical New Milford local (sorry Dana). This man's hobbies include driving a pick up truck very fast back and forth along Buck's Rock Road
  • Anna and Mike...bowling
  • Jemma and Kylie discussing their bowling strategy
  • Wendy Lee Bain and Maxine
  • More karaoke for Lauren and Scott
  • Sean, Ryan, and Liam....cheering on the Buck's Rock bowling team
  • Somewhere there are a lot of pictures of someone bowling...maybe somebody bowled a perfect game
  • Jason, Sam, and Tom
  • Anthony
  • A big crowd....it must have been an important frame
  • Sam and Jason karaoke
  • Nice face Kylie...remember that picture of me you submitted for the gongs??? Right back at ya.
  • Sam and Jason bowling
  • Mike and Annalise bowling
  • Ella
  • Alexis

    Festival - Unfortunately all good summer mist come to an end. Festival is a day full of emotions with lots of exciting performances mixed with the feeling that the summer is over.
  • Lily Shapiro in costume before Footloose
  • Mike Stanton and Kaleigh Boshart in their positions at the follow spots
  • Amy before the show
  • Kerry and Jason at intermission

    Footloose - The festival musical....the final event of the summer. Everyone had a lot of fun with this show. Here are some of the memorable moments from the show itself. Thanks to Anna Jones for taking some of these pictures. Please note these are in no particular order.
  • scene at the Burger Blast
  • Ariel dreams of her hero
  • Holding out for a hero
  • Holding out for a hero
  • Ethel and Vi
  • Ariel argues with her parents
  • Almost Paradise
  • Ren and Ariel share a kiss
  • Wendy Jo in the opening number
  • scene at the tavern
  • Ren in the opening number
  • Ren discusses his strategy with the kids in Beaumont
  • more Holding out for a hero
  • still holding out for a hero
  • more of the opening number
  • Ariel and Chuck Cranston make out
  • The Girl Gets Around
  • The Girl Gets Around
  • Ariel and Chuck kiss again
  • Ren is unsure about the move to Beaumont after listening to the sermon in church
  • Reverand Shaw's sermon
  • Almost Paradise
  • going into the finale?
  • Somebody's Eyes are Watching
  • Let's Hear it for the Boy
  • Let's Hear it for the Boy
  • Let's Hear it for the Boy
  • scene in the tavern
  • Willard lets Ren in on the secret that he can't dance
  • Ariel and Rusty share some gossip in the tavern
  • Irene and the Country Kickers
  • the act 1 finale...the gym class sings counterpoint to the church choir.jpg">Amy before the show
  • the gym class
  • the gym class
  • Ren argues with his uncle
  • Somebody's Eyes are Watching
  • the town hall meeting
  • Ren and Ariel on the railroad bridge
  • Willard sings
  • Vi sings
  • Rev. Shaw is left alone to contemplate his treatment of Ariel
  • Shaw argues with Ariel and Vi
  • the end of Let's hear it for the Boy
  • the Finale

    Have a great winter. See you in 06!

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