Buck's Rock - 2004

Ok,here they are....the official 2004 Buck's Rock pictures...ok, maybe they're not official but here they are anyway. As always feel free to right click and hit "save as" or use any other method you wish to steal them. If you'd like copies of any of them, I will be happy to email you high resolution versions of them.

By the way, you should look at all the pictures. YOU might be in the background of one. Or perhaps you're one of the people whose name I don't know.
Precamp.... Sam, Rick, Gayle and I all went up to camp a week before the rest of the staff. During that time we converted an old staff bunk into our new LSD shop. It involved a lot of carpentry and electrical work. It was all volunteer work too. Some of our best memories are from that week. Here are the pictures....
Rick demolishing the old closet
Sam helping to gut the old bunk
The pile of trash we through out the door when we gutted the place
Rick cutting the wall to fit the new windows in
Rick and Sam working on reframing the wall for the window
Damn! I was THAT close to getting a picture of Forrest!
Sam wrestling with the shop vac
Galye starting to remove the old wiring
Gayle cutting foam for the insulation
Rick and Gayle working on the foam
The temporary wiring job, so we could have light while we worked
Now that's a well insulated room....hey, whose jeep is that parked there?
Me doing the permanent wiring
Gayle modeling the walls and a jigsaw, while I wire the room
Walls are done...now we're installing the ceiling

Random pictures of people working, playing, lounging around, "bowling", etc...
Alana wearing her precious pillow
Alex at the light board
Alex working with Gayle at the light board
Alexis hanging out
Annalise and Mike at the Clancy's (the bowling alley.)
Ernie before the tech for Black Comedy. He was thrilled to have his picture taken.
Lauren looking very happy
I remember the days when counselor snack was actually something to look forward to. Now we get this prison food.....
Alexis showing her mustache and beard
Alexis in sepia
Andrew, Joelle, and Gina hanging out at the Black Comedy tech.
Annalise and Ernie before some show
A bunch of people hanging around with Naomi, the camp baby
Caitlin focussing a light for Amadeus
Caitlin focussing the same light in the pouring rain
David running sound
Emma and Gayle reading
Ernie, Sarah, and someone enjoying a moment before a show....possibly the Unburied Dead?
Gayle, Annalise, and Caitlin hanging out on stage.
Sam giving Kerry a piggy back ride
Max.....he was cold, and it was the only sweater anyone had....
Megan and some local dumbass at the "bowling alley"
Nick and Cat hanging out at the bowling alley
A staged picture of Noah pretending to be working in our shop....this was taken for possible use on the new camp website.
Olivia and Sammi at a tech rehearsal
Sam, Bev, Wendy Lee, and ?? at the bowling alley
A bunch of people hanging out on the porch
Rachel and Alana
Rachel and Alex
Rick demonstrating an interesting drinking technique
Caitlin, Mike, and Gayle
Gayle at Clancy's (the bowling alley)
Sam and Annalise on the scaffolding questioning our color choices
Sam and Kerry...or is it Kerry and Sam...you decide
Nick and Leigh after bowling a couple strings at Clancy's
Megan and Max....I can't explain this one....
Leigh and Annalise working on hanging a speaker
Leigh and Annalise still hanging a speaker
Leigh and Sam working on hanging that same speaker
Gayle checking the focus of a light for Amadeus
Megan having a good time bowling
Nick, Gayle, and Caitlin doing a little bowling
A close up of Rachel
Rick having a good time at the bowling alley

The Unburied Dead
Emma running the light board for the show
Creon talking to his sons
Teirisias going into a trance
The cast

Hot L Baltimore
The Preset
Scene from the show
Scene from the show
Scene from the show

Titanic Tech
Caitlin and Annalise before the Titanic tech
Annalise at the mixer
Rebekkah at tech
People hanging out at the tech

Titanic Performance
The Preset
The opening scene
The opening scene
The opening scene
Ben and Hannah
Emily, Dylan, Abby, and Rachel
Jessie singing
Johnny singing
A close up of Johnny singing his solo
Rebekkah on stage
Close up of Rebekkah singing
Another close up of Rebekkah
Sam, Kathy, and Rachel ???
Rebekkah with 3 other people singing....names???
A large number of people singing
A large number of people singing
A large number of people singing
A large number of people singing
A large number of people singing
A large number of people singing
A large number of people singing

Swing Dance
Colin, Julia, Rebekkah, and Johnny at the swing Dance
An action shot of people dancing
Another group shot
Zoey and Dan
Bethany, Anna, and Alana all dressed up for the dance

CIT Showcase
Dan running sound for the show
Zoey programming the light cues for the show
Sarah calling the show
One of the performances
Ernie explaining a set change to Jordan
Jonah and Anna making themselves at home
Julia performing
A scene from Marlon Brando....Lauren's show
Another scene from Marlon Brando
Mimi and Alex hanging out
Mimi and Alex again
Sammi and Alex on stage
Sarah, Dana, and Amanda performing
Ernie, Gussie, Sammi, and Jordan rehearsing a set change
Ernie, Gussie, and Sammi doing a set change
Zoey, Anna, and Jonah making themselves at home

Crazy For You - Thanks to Mike for taking these for me...
Zach and Alexis running Follow Spot
Sam mixing the show
The orchestra playing the overture
Rick in his dress for run crew
The opening scene
The follies girls up close in scene 1
Irene and Mother both nag Bobby
Zangler, Bobby, and 2 lackeys
Scene in Deadrock, NV
Close up of Polly and Everett
I'm Bidin' my Time
Bobby has arrived in Deadrock and collapsed
Polly in Lank's Saloon
Close up of the card game between Wyatt Earp, and Billy the Kid
The card game ends up in fake gunfire
Another gun shot
Bobby and Polly in Lank's Saloon.
Bobby confesses his (instant) love for Polly in a song
Shall We Dance
"Someone Who'll Watch Over Me"
Close up of "Someone Who'll Watch Over Me"
The Follies girls stroll into Deadrock
The Follies girls in Deadrock
Bobby appears for the first time as Zangler
In "My Sweet Embraceable You" Polly falls in love with Zangler, even though it's really Bobby
Moose tries to learn how to play bass for their show
Slap That Bass
Slap That Bass
Slap That Bass
Slap That Bass
Button of Slap That Bass
It all came together as we see in "I've Got Rhythm"
Another shot from "I've Got Rhythm"
Irene falls in love with Lank in "Naughty Baby"
After a night of heavy drinking, Zangler and Bobby dressed as Zangler sit together and think they're loooking into a mirror.
"Nice Work"
"Nice Work"
The revitalized Deadrock as it looked at the end of the show
The Finale

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