Buck's Rock - 2003


Well, another summer has passed so here are the rest of my pictures. As always, feel free to copy any of the pictures if you'd like. I tried to go through my yearbook to figure out the names of the people in the pictures who I didn't know. I was only partially successful.

By the way, you should look at all the pictures. YOU might be in the background of one. Or perhaps you're one of the people whose name I don't know.

First Session:

Random shots around camp
Erik, Rebbekah and Julia sitting on the big red "Timepiece."
Allison, Danielle, and Marc
Sarah and Sam getting unpacked
Anna, Vienna, and Leslie (just visiting)
Hank, Alexis, Emma, and Julian
Marc, Justin, and Allison
Marc, Andrea, Sophie, Sarah, Mirida, and 2 other people.

Pictures from the rave in Actors' Studio the first week
Mike running the light board
a shot of the dance floor (great lighting!)
another cool lighting shot
help? name?
Roger, Lydia, and more people I don't know
yet another shot of the great lighting on the dance floor
a few kids dancing
more random people dancing....if you know their names, send them to me
Mike and Caitlin on lights
Susanna, Rachel, and Katie
same 3 as above plus Emma
Mickey and Laura
a bunch of people dancing
a few people dancing...... names?
Wow! What great lighting!
Just try and get past our security force!
there's Mike and Caitlin again
Lee  and David the nurse dancing
Lee in the fog
a massage chain.....I see Evie, Emily, somebody, Beth, Loren, and Rosie
Evie and Rosie

Pictures from the swing dance - last night of first session
Amanda videotaping the event
Abby and Bobby
just Abby
Bobby and Amanda
Zoey all dressed up
Matt and Luke
Dana, my favorite drummer
Anna, Erik, and Amanda dancing
a whole bunch of people dancing
Emily and Julian dancing
Jason and ????
Chelsea, Sara, Stacey, and ????.
Matt dancing with Lydia
Matt, Hannah, and Elle
Evie,  Elle , and Michael
Abby and David
Laura, Danielle, Emily, Patsy, Caitlin, and Alison.
Peter and Katie
Roger, Laura and a bunch of other people dancing.
Aaron and Julia
Laura and Roger
Abby and Doug doing strange things on the lawn
Abby posing
Laura posing
Rachel and Naomi
Vienna and Jana
Jason and Ali

Second Session:

 outside during Dream Girl
Emma running sound for Dream Girl
Sarah and Sam in Dream Girl
Sarah and someone else in Dream Girl (not sure who)
Sam and others out back during Dream Girl
Lily waiting outside during Dream Girl
Erik outside running Dream Girl
Sam and Kerry
Rebbekah lounging at CIT Showcase tech
Alexis, Anna, Annie, Joanna, Jesse, and ??? at CIT Showcase tech.
Justin and Mike during CIT Showcase. Notice Mike's shirt....how true, how true.
Mini Me
Justin focusing lights for CIT Showcase.
Mike teaching Zoey Howe about the lights
Aaron and Laura
Aaron.....all the comments I can think of would be offensive......
Bobby all dressed up for Jury Duty.
Lauren (visiting) and Ali.
Gayle hanging lights for The Tempest....or possibly the dance show.
Justin and Zoey hanging lights for some show.
Caitlin demonstrating safe ladder usage.
everybody working...except me because I'm taking pictures
Justin Spiegal running the light board for Les Miz.
Hank running sound for Rock Cafe.
Doug, Jordan and Julia performing in Rock Cafe.
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