Buck's Rock 2000

Ok, here are some assorted random photos from this past summer at Buck's Rock. Click on any of the descriptions to see the actual picture. Enjoy!

Me and Sam

Laura Pratt (Theatre JC)

Jason Zimbler(Theatre Director) and Tatyana Bouldakova (costume shop)

Zoe, Sam, and Charlie on the porch

Zoe and Celia in costume for Taming of the Shrew

Leslie (kitchen) and Warren (wood)

Group shot (mostly theatre people)

Gib and Anna

Stephen and Gib bored at a rehearsal

Laura, Zoe, and Jessie before Hair

Gina and Steve in tech. for Hair

Hair group shot (poor quality photo)

Brianna and Amanda (Theatre C.I.T.s)

Happy Birthday Laura P.

Sarah and Jason (A.K.A. Fergie)

Me playing softball

Sam playing softball

Jarrett during Hair


Jen (A.K.A. Rai-T) relaxing on the gong

Me and Steve

Are we working or just hanging out?

Ahh, just hanging out

Jose and Jason

Mickey and Jesse Girl

Clancy the cat

People playing guitar and singing. Wait...that NEVER happens at Buck's Rock!

Brianna, Amanda, and Jon....and wait....who's that stranger on the left???

Simon, Ross, and Zoe during festival

Festival day guitar snack around the "timepiece"

Tatyana at my house

my cat Chucky...ok, so it's not camp...but isn't he cute?

Amanda and Laura working while Hillarie's leaving

The sign. Why the hell did I take a picture of this? I don't know but here it is.

Some of the Les Belles Soeurs cast

Jamie and ????...anyone know?

Isaac, Brianna, Amanda, and Eric contemplating life

Uh Oh....Anna's about to yell at us....at least Laura's happy....Thanks Celia

What is this shit??? They call this snack? Oh well, it's better than the coco puffs they give us!

What the hell are Steve and Gina doing?

Rich and Elizabeth...hey, who put all this crap in actor's studio anyway?





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