AIDT - Fall 2003 Tour

Helena, MT - Caldwell, ID - Sandpoint, ID - Pullman, WA - Anchorage, AK - Fairbanks, AK

Here are the pictures in no particular order:

The Hoop Dance in Helena, MT

The Modern Fancy in Helena, MT

The audience in Caldwell, ID during Coyote

Jason backstage somewhere....Caldwell, ID??


Michael and Wanbli backstage in Caldwell, ID...I think

Tricia backstage in Caldwell, ID

The TINY stage of the old Panida Theatre in Sandpoint, ID

Doug and Jason on stage for notes in Helena, MT

Doug and Jason backstage in Sandpoint, ID

The Eagle Dance on the TINY stage in Sandpoint, ID

Me backstage in Sandpoint, ID

Michelle on the trail we hiked outside of Sandpoint, ID

Dancers resting on stage before the show in Sandpoint, ID

The view of Sandpoint, ID from the mountain Michelle and I hiked up.

The view from the back door of the theatre in Sandpoint, ID

The view looking the other way from the back door of the theatre in Sandpoint, ID

The bear that ran out in front of my rental car leaving the mountain in Sandpoint, ID

Anchorage, AK from my hotel room balcony

Andy in the lobby of the hotel in Anchorage

The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts...where we performed in Anchorage

The theatre in Anchorage from the back of the house

The audience in Anchorage during Coyote

Dennis in the hotel lobby in Anchorage

The Men's Fancy Dance in Anchorage

The whole group on the bus...not sure where....probably not Alaska by the way everyone's dressed

Marla at the dinner/reception they had for us in Fairbanks

Michelle on the bus

Michelle at the reception in Fairbanks

The Alaska Native Heritage Center's dancers

The Fancy Shawl Dance in Anchorage

The Smoke Dance in Anchorage

Tawny and Doug at the dinner/reception in Fairbanks

Tricia at the reception in Fairbanks

Tricia and Wanbli on the bus

The landscape between Fairbanks and the Arctic Circle

More of the Landscape as Michelle and I drove north from Fairbanks to the Arctic Circle

Michelle standing (and freezing) somewhere between Fairbanks and the Arctic Circle

The Trans Alaska oil pipeline

Some trees near the Arctic Circle

The car we rented to get us to the Arctic Circle....if anyone is planning this, I recommend a truck.

The ONLY building between Fairbanks and the Arctic Circle...over 200 miles. It was an empty motel, an even emptier cafe, a tire repair shop, and most importantly they sell gas (you have to stop there, and they know it $2.50/gal) and they have a bathroom...more important to Michelle than it was to me.....I found plenty of trees along the way.

When we finally got to the Arctic Circle, this is all that was there

Well, this sign was there only...note the irony of this sign

A glacier south of Anchorage

Michelle in front of a waterfall we passed south of Anchorage

The mountains outside of Anchorage

More mountains

Still more mountains