Buck's Rock - 2007 Pictures

Some important dates:
Reunion: 12/1/07 2:00 PM
Staff arrives: 6/19/08 anytime
CITs arrive: 6/24/08 9:00 AM
Campers arrive: 6/25/08 9:00 AM

Table of Contents:
Precamp and teambuilding
The first staff party (Libby's pics)
Fun times around camp before campers arrive
LSD focusses for Staff on Stage
Staff on Stage
A night out
Hanging out in our shop one night
A Midsummer Night's Dream dress rehearsal
Pimping the beast
LSD hangs Alice in Americaland
Alice in Americaland
A couple Halloween costumes
The (fake) marriage of Carson and Ange
Dress rehearsal for Picasso at the Lapine Agile
LSD changeover from Picasso to Clown
La Cage tech night
Dance Show 1
A few people around camp
Life dress rehearsal night
Lighting changeover from Life to CIT Showcase (My personal favorites)
CIT Showcase focus (The day of the big lightning)
Lake Compounce
CIT Showcase dress rehearsal
A few shots of people fooling around in the shop
CIT Showcase performance night
The 90's Show
Dance Show 2
Working on Cabaret
Focussing Cabaret (Emilie's pictures)
Dress rehearsal night for Cabaret
Festival day
Final staff party
Special Thanks


Take a look at the crazy things they make us do before the campers arrive.

Susanna on her way to the softball field for some teambuilding

Yes Alice, you must come. There's no getting out of teambuilding!

Don't look so excited....it's only teambuilding

Hey....didn't she quit the team?

I don't care if you stand on your head.....you're not getting out of teambuilding!




Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck.


Our fearless leader, ole Whatshisname

Unzip the zipper!

Help! I seem to be trapped in the zipper!

Fall away!

Heads back and watching!

"I know they're gonna drop me. I know they're gonna drop me....

You fuckers better catch me or else!

Ready or not, here I come!

Well...that was fun....

Yes....fun. That's the word I was looking for.

Looks like we've got ourselves a tangled mess here

"Hmmm...how'd I get in THIS predicament?"

You expect us to do WHAT to that can? And how?

Ah....the hell with it. The can is just fine where it is.

Is this the winning team?

Or is this the winning team?

Alexis will be our cheerleader!

This team doesn't stand a chance!

"yumyumyumyuym" Morons!

Alright...we'll humor you a little bit longer by pretending to enjoy this...

Yep....this pretty much sums it up

Sam's on deck!

You have the right to remain silent

Ok....really starting to get old now....

Dylan's having a good time. Not so sure about Sam.

OK, this game has worn out its welcome


The first staff party at The Holiday

Normally I get a lot of great pictures from this party. However, this year, I forgot to bring my camera. All the pictures in this section are from Libby's camera.

Ok...considering I posted this picture of myself, I better not get any complaints from any of you about me posting pictures where you don't look good. I don't even think I was drunk in this picture.


Fun times around camp

This gives new meaning to the term gearhead

Emilie trying to cover up Amy's nakedness

There, that's more like it

The absolute worst idea for a game EVER

That's right.....it the SLAP GAME!

Susanna casually gets slapped

What would anyone pay to be in Sam or Kerry's position?

Take that!



And a closeup of that just for good measure

And here are a few more of Libby's pictures (These are from a little later in the summer):


LSD focusses for Staff on Stage

Red Wash

Blair makes a shutter cut

K, Mike and who else?

Blair, Lily Gutterman, and Emilie chilling on the scaffolding

Alex and Selden

My shadow

Feeling a little blue, K?

The scaffolding crew in blue


Staff on Stage

Lisa the banjo playing nurse

the 2 best performers

Look at the stick figure Amy looming in the background....

Amy's still lurking...

Notice the Mad Libs in Amy's hand.


A night out

Ok, let's be honest here. The counselors do NOT go "bowling" every Saturday night like they want the campers to believe. They actually go to Chuck E. Cheese's and play skee ball. The school bus comes and picks everyone up at Actors Studio and takes them to Chuck E. Cheese's, where they enjoy animatronic shows, play in the ball bath, and eat pizza. Occassionally, as on this night, the good people at Chuck E. Cheese's bring in karaoke so we can have a little more entertainment. Sometimes a few of the counselors overindulge in the skee ball, video games, and animatronics and end up suffering from sensory overload. Often times this sensory overload lasts well into the next day, affecting their job performance. And some people just keep eating and eating and eating until they vomit. Then when Chuck E. Cheese's needs to close, the bus takes everyone back to camp, where it takes several hours for the excitement of the ball bath to wear off. Because of the sensory overload that some counselors are suffering from, they actually mistake the pool at camp for the ball bath at Chuck E. Cheese's and accidentally jump in.

So, without further ado, here are some of the pictures from Chuck E. Cheese's...and not any place else....

A little pre-skee ball photo

Hey Buck's Rock.....What time is it?


Remember scary local guy? Why is this guy lurking around Chuck E. Cheese's?

Now that's HOT!

"Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play!"

Scary guy still hanging around...

Can't remember what she ate on her pizza. Anyone remember the wrestler George "the Animal" Steele?

George "the Animal" Steele


And here are some of Libby's pictures from Chuck E. Cheese's:


People hanging out in our shop one night

Amy Not Susie

And I thought I was the one who worked with electricity....

This looks dirty...Malorie?


Here are some of Libby's pictures from that night:

I taught Nicole a few things about ceramics that night.

Now that we're clearly centered, I'm showing her how to properly use the tools

She just couldn't ge tit, so I had to take the wheel back and show her how it's done

The tools can be used like chopsticks...

...or you can just pick the clay up with the knife on your leatherman

after a while we started to get hungry

Nicole was very jealous of my amazing pottery wheel

she wishes hers had this tool

Meanwhile, Jamie laughed while Malorie's mouth turned black

Malorie has a deep conversation with Ernie

They got along great!

While I ate clay


A Midsummer Night's Dream dress rehearsal

Time for a new stylist Katie?

Blair loved to sit in that invisible chair.

No doubt there's some form of abuse going on here

Take that!

After I beat the shit out of Lily


Pimping the beast

Wyatt takes it for a test drive

Leigh came to visit that day!


LSD working on Alice in Americaland

Everybody working hard

Uhh....you want what to plug in to where?

Rachel's sister

Still working hard....

Relaxing after all that hard work


Alice in Americaland


Two Halloween costumes

This is actually exactly how I picture Alex


The (fake) marriage of Carson and Ange

Mother of the the bride, or was it the groom...or is she the father?

Lord and Lady Capulet came....

The best ring bearer ever

The guests

The best man and the ushers

Why are there boys trying to catch the bouquet....and why was there no garter ceremony?

It's interesting that they're not actually touching each other anywhere except the lips


Picasso at the Lapine Agile dress rehearsal

Boy Sam, that was one hell of a fart!

Who is Eirstoir?



Picasso at the Lapine Agile show night

Hey..don't take my picture!

Which way to Amish country you ask?

My God! She's 14 feet tall!

A tank top and a scarf......now that makes sense....


The lighting changeover from Picasso to Clown

Actually this was at 3AM, right after we finished the changeover. We were a little loopy.

Apparently this was a pretty rough night for me.

But what better place to do some serious thinking

K tries to look dainty on the toilet

Can I have a little privacy please?

All you people do is shit all over me!

Apparently this was too rough for Anthony too

Amy takes the toilet for a test drive

We tried to get her to do her famous "YAY" pose while sitting on the toilet

No...that's not it...

That's the one!

Then she almost laughed herself right off the toilet


Tech night of La Cage

Enjoy the sights and goings on in and around the summer theatre while the cast and crew suffered through an endless tech rehearsal.

Unfortunately we had to put Shane in a cage...

...and beat her....


Aahhh....20/20 hindsight is wonderful....

Somehow Shane got her butt stuck in the milk crate....

....so how could we possibly pass up this opportunity?

SELDEN!!! We love her!

We also love Katie Glick

The peanut gallery....happy to be uninvolved

Meanwhile, the suffering continues

There's really not much that needs to be said here....Cameron and his teddy bear


Dance Show 1


And that concluded the first session. On Sunday, July 22 we bid a sad farewell to the first session campers as we remembered the fun times we all had and welcomed in the second session campers and looked forward to the fun times that lay ahead.

A few people around camp

Erica Sands

Jenna Spiwack and Erica

Kiba Drattler

Rachel Larrowe

Scott Kraiterman

The house that Canepari built

What a fastball!

Thurm, Weiner, and G


Phoebe Brooks and Sarah Rosenthal not getting canteen like everyone else in the world

PJ's got his eye on Emma's ice cream


Dress rehearsal night for Life

Good thing we have that no headphones rule

iBook, real book, look. no book.

K just loves the video projector

Hey Susanna!

Hey Zoe!

Nevada and Gemma....almost can't tell them apart

What a dance couple Nevada and Eno make

the floating head and shoulders of Gemma Schreier....A.K.A. God

Emo Eno

2 School desks: $75. 1 orange cheerleader outfit: $10

Anna and Nevada smoking: Priceless

Looks like God was demoted to principal


Speed dating


"Um...do your feet even touch the floor?"

Now here's a great couple

What are these things on our heads and why do we have a windmill in our living room?

Please remove your cotton balls before entering

Gemma's flaoting head again

"I call this meeting of Pigs in Space to order!"

"Order I said! And why do we have a picket fence in the conference room?!?"

Excuse me sir...your cotton head is about to explode

Who is that creepy baby on the wall?

I just had to see this again!


Lighting changeover from Life to CIT Showcase

Look at all the work we did while everyone else was at the bar getting drunk.

Not many people can pull off that combination of shorts and socks


Rachel's about to swing like Tarzan

Maybe Amy convinced her not to. Hey, that's what big sisters are for!

K teaching a group of new people about something...possibly about the insects of Actors Studio

Now that's a hard working and good looking crew!

Um....your leg's bleeding....

Anna and Elizabeth getting a lot done...

....while Ori giggles

Ok, now they're working

Shane teaching Sharon and Nevada what we do

Hey Aidan, I'm taking a picture.

one more of our citits

another view of cit, citit, and one of our favorite campers (even if she is going to be a video cit)

Rachel had to get a little higher

Closeup of Rachel showing that light who's boss

See...anyone can reach


Sharon, Nevada and Shane stopping to pose for a picture

Hey Ori....have a seat anywhere....

Blair can't lean far enough to get out of this picture!

And one more for good measure

This should be the marketing photo on the brochure for Source 4's.


NO! Don't touch THAT knob!

Aren't they just ADORABLE??

the reverse of the greatest picture from last summer

Last year.

I love how Amy is always on the wrong side of the ladder....

That would be a 70 degree barrel Kate. Oh, and by the way, I'm taking a picture.

That light is half the size of Nevada (the person, not the state)

It's ok Nevada, you can come down from the ladder. The scary monster waiting at the bottom won't eat you, I promise.

K got framed! (Ugh)


Clamps! An essential part of Buck's Rock.

The day after the changeover to CIT showcase, we made our weekly Sunday lunch outing to Clamps.

We're first!

We had to drag Amy out of bed. She was a little sleepy.

We were all a little sleepy.

Amy begins to wake up with the thought of onion rings.

In a few minutes Mimi arrived.

So did the rest of camp.

Amy's still waiting for her food.

The food arrived and we ate onion rings.....

....onion rings....

...and more onion rings...


CIT Showcase focus

As soon as we got back from Clamps we began focussing for CIT showcase. The focus was cut short by a huge lightning storm which damaged some of our equipment, but we came back and finished that night.

This was Shane's show so she was calling the focus.

focussing some breakups

checking the focus on the breakups

a side view of Shane focussing a special

contemplating what to do with this one

Amy lit from the nose down

Notice Anthony in the background keeping an eye on the weather

Amy is awake and happy now, after having lunch at Clamps

Chelsea taking a break in some blue light


Lake Compounce

The day of the CIT Showcase tech we spent our day off at Lake Compounce, an amusement park in CT

Lauren and Amy taking a break while the rest of us went to the water slides.

Jamie and K after the water slides

K is bringing sexy back.


Dress Rehearsal for CIT Showcase


A few pictures of people fooling around in the shop

Amy and the giant peach

Ori and the giant mustache

Meanwhile Blair was having trouble with her Starbucks drink

Here are a few that came from Emilie's camera. I think these next pictures were taken on the day after the first tech for Cabaret.

Amy demonstrating the couch in our shop

...which can be used for sleeping....

...or exercising....


...or for sharing with our lovely cits...

....who might poke you...

....drop things on you....

...or stick their tongue out at you....

...and then take your picture.


CIT Showcase performance night

A great shot of Amanda

Sound crew and Sara

Awwww! (By the way, I just love photoshop)

A lot of work getting done here I see....

Lily's an EIT (Ernie-In-Training)


Smile for the camera Emma




The 90's show

The 90's sign

This is Rachel. She is circa 1993.

This is Rachel's sister, Amy. She's a product of the 80's.

Rachael and Naomi. 1986 and 2004 respectively.

2 more 90's products

definitelty not from the 90's

the crowd

Zoe and Ori doing their favorite activity, LSD


Dance show 2 (Dress Rehearsal)

This was the cutest thing ever!

And here are a few from the actual performance:


Hanging Cabaret

And so, as the last week of camp began, LSD starts to work on Cabaret

Shane straightens out some cable

Emilie and Michelle working on the scaffolding

...while K and Blair go over the plot...

and Gabe works on the set...alone. Notice the recycled mural from Actor's Studio

K and Blair again

A very sweaty Alex works on the third electric

Alex realized I was taking pictures

Emilie resting while Michelle hangs a light

Close up of Michelle

Shane and Amy working on a light

Amanda and Allie came to watch us.


Focussing the lights for Cabaret. All these pictures came from Emilie's camera.

Alex focusses his first light (of the night)

I give Blair some pointers on what to do with this one

and then I go work on a different one

Blair calling the focus of the lights on the platform

Alex moving on to his next light

Done! Coming down!

Blair thinking about what to do with the next platform light

I'm pointing something out to Blair (can't remember what)

waiting for someone on the scaffolding

Alex has moved on again

Blair and I checking out some of our warm wash

looking at some of the side light

checking our notes on the next light

Aidan (I can tell by the hair) and someone move the extension ladder

Blair and I figure out what to do with the horrible flare on the wall from this sidelight

Checking the focus of the backlight breakups


Dress rehearsal night for Cabaret

Alex sitting in my seat

Emery checking the keyboard

Dan looking surprised

There are our two spot ops, Aidan and Chelsea

Phil finally gets to play a non-crossdressing straight male

We had to sneak pictures of Zoe. She didn't want to be immortalized as a Nazi

Nope. Definitely not the face of a Nazi.

Hanging out before the dress

Blair doesn't like having her picture taken.

Chelsea and Shane are enjoying something....

Blair REALLY doesn't like having her picture taken....

...so we kept taking them....

....and taking them....

K trying to hide behind the ladder while she fixes a gobo rotator...I think

Ana Meili, I really need a normal picture of her.

Susanna adjusting PJ


Pictures from the rehearsal itself:


Festival day

So all that remained of the summer were the festival day activities, the signing of yearbooks, and lots of tearful goodbyes.

Shane and Amanda sitting on a bench....

Jack and Hannah



Old friends August and Stephanie came back for festival.

Just another festival for Phoebe...

Hannah and Jenna

My favorite "every-other-year-camper" Sarah Rosenthal

It's the whole Larudle!!!

Some of the audience for Cabaret. It was freezing that night.

Two of next years's LSD CITs Chelsea and Aidan all ready for the show.

Amy Susie and Amy Not Susie!


A few pictures from the final staff party

The gongs are about to begin

Looks like we're bored with the gongs already

close up of Amber and Lauren

And three pictures of K from the party that I got from Emilie's camera:


And of course...special thanks to the people who made all this possible for all of us...

Ernst and Ilse